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The Official College of Psychology of Catalonia warns of the problems that arise from the misuse of technology and video games.

it is necessary to make a good use when using new technologies such as internet, mobile or videogames... There are many addictions and anomalies that we can contract such as addictions to the internet or games, FOMO Syndrome and other behavioural anomalies such as Nomophobia.

We say that there is a problem or that an addiction has been created when you reach the point where you cannot leave the virtual world, the dependency ends up modifying the person's life. This must be controlled and avoided as much as possible.

We know of several "disorders" related to technology:

Nomophobia: "No-mobile-phone phobia", which is a dependence on mobile phones.

FOMO Syndrome: "Fear Of Missing Out", this is the fear of missing out on social media posts. The subject is afraid of missing out on anything on the networks, so he/she does not stop logging on to see.
Digital hypochondria: the subject worries obsessively about their health. This leads them to consult all kinds of medical content on social networks and create a self-diagnosis based on information extracted from the internet.