Who is Kaydop?

On January 13, 2022, Vitality announces the recruitment of Alexandre “ kaydop »Courant (formerly at Dignitas), two-time world champion, within his Rocket League team.

So What is the best team on Rocket League? With eight Habs out of eighteen players, and two local clubs (Vitality, Solary), our country is positioned as the best nation on this game.

Who won the 2022 RLCS? Winner of the vast majority of online competitions since March 2022 and the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Franco-Spanish Rocket League formation of the Swiss club BDS won the Autumn Major of the professional circuit - the RLCS – this Sunday evening, in Stockholm, Sweden.

moreover, How does the RLCS take place?

Each Split takes place in three regional events and is crowned with a Major (same as in season X). Each Regional and each Major in each Split will host 16 teams, not one more or less. Each Split will feature a different format.

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How old is Kaydop?

Alexandre Courant, better known by the nickname kaydop , is one of the best players in the world on the video game Rocket League. The 22-year-old is a three-time world champion and part of the country's top esports team, Team Vitality.

Who is the best Rocket League player in the world? 1. Reed “Chicago” Wilen ($44): Is from the US and currently plays on G925,78 Esports. As you can already see, even if a single performance of a player can lead him between the first places of the eSports scene of the Rocket League, you will need more which this to reach the top.

Who created Vitality? Leader in the country of esports clubs, the Vitality team was founded in 2022 by Gotaga, Neo, BrokyBrawks and Nicolas maurer, all four passionate about sports and video games.

Who created Vitality? On August 5, 2022, after leaving aAa, Gotaga and his then teammates Brawks, AzoX and Ag0nie under the tutelage of Fabien “Neo” Devide decided to start their own team, Team Vitality.

Who is the most successful on Rocket League?


Season Date Winner
2 December 2022 Flipside Tactics
3 June 2022 Northern Gaming
4 November 2022 Gale Force eSports
5 June 2022 Team Dignitas

Who is the best fortnite player in the world? Good which this is subjective, the current holder of the title of best player au world is Bugha, the Cup champion fortnite world 2022

Where does Alexandre current live?

legal information

Full addressing
Address 538 CHE DU MARAVAL
Zip code 27670

• Jan 1, 2022

Who created the Solary team?

Founders Romain “Caelan” Albesa, Alexis “Melon” Barrachin, Alexis “Chap” Barret, Julien “Jbzz” Dupré, César “Wakz” Hugues, Diego “TaipOuz” Mamés Andres, Sakor “Le Roi Bisou” Ros, Amaury Vedis
Legal form Joint stock company
Slogan Solary Team of friends #SLYWIN
Head office Tours our country

How to join Mces?


  1. Live in the Southeast of our country.
  2. Be 18 or older.
  3. Have already participated in many private scrims and fortnite tournaments.
  4. Have at least 5 k/d in season 3.
  5. Have more than 1500 games to your credit.
  6. Be serious and highly motivated
  7. Have a great team spirit and irreproachable behavior.

What is the origin of Gotaga?


Genre Streaming, Esport video game
Birth name Corentin Houssein
Birth September 7, 1993 Mantes- la -Pretty, our country
Nationality Du pays
Number of subscribers 3,3 million (Twitch, October 2022) 3,78 million (YouTube, October 2022)

How to get stronger at Rocket League? As another tip for to become best player of Rocket League, try to occupy the playing area as much as possible, each player having to occupy a wing or part to cross and score plus easily. On the other hand, do not seek from the beginning to master the aerial game.

How to download Rocket League? Download and play Rocket League for free on PC – Epic Games Store.

When is Rocket League season 3 released?

NASCAR and Formula 1Ⓡ prepare to land on Rocket League in May. Players, on your marks! The Rocket League Season 3 is ready for departure on April 7! Get ready to live the season the most intense of Rocket League.

Who is the strongest player in Fortnite 2022? However, according to esports.net, Diego “Arkhram” Lima is the best fortnite player de 2022.

Who is the best Fortnite player in our country?

The ranking of the 15 players Du pays here earned the most is dominated by Alexandre Christophe, alias Andilex, here won a European competition on Fortnite in a duet and finished second in another competition, this time in a trio. Aged only 17, he won almost 100.000 euros.

Who is the best Fortnite player in 2022? MCES On player de MCES, Andilex, is at the top of the European ranking 2022.

How to register with Solary?

Who is Jbzzed? Jbzz plays every night, live, on Solary and earns a living by having fun. Jbzz is well known by fans of the Fortnite video game because it plays it every night, live, on Solary Tv and the Twitch streaming platform. At 25, he makes a living having fun.

Where does Kinstaar live?

Duong Huynh known as Kinstaar or Solary Kinstaar (born February 17, 2000) is a Swiss professional gamer, streamer and youtuber (of Vietnamese origin) from Fribourg.

Who is 4zr? At just 15 years old, Jérémy 4zr Dang has an impeccable record. Ranked 13th in the 2022 World Cup duos final alongside his former brother-in-arms Noward, 4zr reached 11th FNCS position with his team in the Season 1 Grand Finals.

Who is Camille for Gotaga?

I have been in charge of an online merchandising store since September 2022 for Gotaga. From collection management, production in direct relation with our suppliers, creation and maintenance of the e-commerce site to communication and marketing, this is the extent of my responsibilities.

Why The Monster Country? His notoriety in the middle, he built it thanks to Call of Duty, a first-person shooter, on which he won a dozen major tournaments, mainly under the colors of the country team Vitality. A domination that earned him the nickname of " from Monster country (the Monster of the country).

Why Gotaga nickname? 7 seconds with Gotaga

You want to know more about Gotaga ? … In 7 seconds, Gotaga explains to us his pseudo so famous today. Big fan of DragonBall, he just changed the name Gogeta in his own way to get this pseudo that you all know today.

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