Star Wars Battlefront II is worth grabbing as long as it's free on PC

The Epic Games Store distributes the Celebration Edition of Battlefront II to cosmetic content until January 21

It's worth jumping through a quick hoop to claim a free copy of Star Wars Battlefront II right now.

The Epic Games Store is giving away the (usually $40) Celebration Edition of the game until Thursday, January 21, so even if you already have the base edition on Origin, you might want to claim it anyway. You'll get a bunch of customization items: 25 hero spawns, 125 trooper and reinforcement spawns, 100 hero and trooper emotes and voicelines, and 70 hero and trooper victory poses.

While it's best known for multiplayer - which some people still really love in 2022 - there's also a decent story campaign worth revisiting once. Maybe. Luke slices the alien bugs at one point.

Battlefront II was deemed "complete" in April 2022. If it's been a while or you're new to the game, expect the seasoned community that has remained to dominate the matches. It's worth pointing out that you can pit yourself against the AI, and it's definitely my favorite way to acclimate to low stakes.

The next free Epic Games Store promotion will be Galactic Civilizations III. You come in peace, my brother?

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