Plants vs. Zombies 3 is slowly starting to roll out

Soft launch has started on iOS and Android

PopCap has slowly launched Plants vs. Zombies 3, a new free-to-play mobile game, in select territories. Currently, it is playable on Android devices Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6S or above in the Philippines. According to the developer, more countries will be supported "over time".

The game is still about defending against kooky zombies with your almighty plant squad, but it's "not meant to replace the original PvZ or PvZ 2". In other words, it's mixing things up. "For this game, we wanted to incorporate social play, faster combat, and deeper synergies for the factory team."

A big change is that you no longer need to plant sunflowers to generate energy – there are "multiple" ways to "improve your sun output" and the "sunflower's role has been expanded in new ways" .

The main loop of Plants vs. Zombies 3 is all about putting together a diverse team, leveling everyone up, and finding out which plants are best suited for which missions and which boss battles. Related: It has microtransactions.

The main progression involves fending off the undead troops, rebuilding and clearing the floors of Devour Tower. PopCap is also looking into multiplayer and hoping his friends will guilt themselves into joining. "Compete against other players in Arena Mode and climb League levels in Tournaments to earn Gems and Seeds. You can also create or join a Club to chat, donate Seeds, and acquire Club Plants."

There's no definitive word on the worldwide release of Plants vs. Zombie 3, but the developers "want to take as much time as needed during the soft launch to make the game something really great."

I won't lie: anything to do with Plants vs. Zombies just makes me want to crank up the original. I never finished Plants vs. Zombies 2 - it wasn't something I could commit to long term - but PvZ 1 is forever.

Grab Your Shovels – Plants vs Zombies 3 Soft Launches Today [EA]

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