New to Rocket League? Here are the best YouTubers to follow

These seven should get you started

Rocket League is now free-to-play, and it's brought a ton of new players into the fold. Today, Rocket League hit one million concurrent players for the very first time. There are a lot of people watching this delightful five-year-old game, and many of them will inevitably like what they find.

And, for some of them, it will become an obsession. It will turn into more than just playing. They will start watching esports. They will start subscribing to YouTubers. They will listen to Twitch streams every night. Rocket League has no shortage of content to consume.

I know it because I lived it. I want to share my experience with some recommendations from my favorite Rocket League YouTubers. It will be a bit of everything – pro gaming, entertainment value, and tutorials. Hope someone finds something they like.

Jon Sandman:

Jon Sandman seems like the only logical starting point. He's probably the first major Rocket League YouTuber, he was the first to hit a million subscribers on a Rocket League-focused channel, and he puts out videos every day. If you only know one Rocket League YouTuber, it's probably Jon.

With Jon Sandman, you're going to have a bit of everything. It's got a lot of gameplay, it'll spend a ton of money on microtransactions, it's got series focused on car customization, and it's popular enough to play with the pros on a regular basis. Also, the more people who look at Jon, the more people there are to tell him that he has been raised to his rank. It never gets old.

Wayton Pilkin:

Wayton isn't the biggest name, but he's starting to get the credit he deserves. It offers high-quality tutorial videos that are generally helpful for players of all ranks. If you want to play Rocket League better and more thoughtfully, Wayton's channel is the one you should definitely check out.


And we come back to another one of Rocket League's most popular YouTubers. Often, it feels like Rocket League content creators recycle the same handful of ideas. SunlessKhan is different.

SunlessKhan is perhaps the best at injecting variety into his channel. It seems to offer more interesting and better produced angles than most of its competitors. Follow SunlessKhan for entertaining and easy-to-watch videos.


Lethamyr must be the creation of the Rocket League YouTubers and it's not even really close. Once a big pro (and also a trainer), he moved on to modding and mapping. Lethamyr constantly puts a ton of time and effort into these custom maps and it shows. It's a great follow-up to wacky content out of the box.


Rizzo is one of the most well-known pros in the world, a fixture on a G2 team always competing for championships. It has made a name for itself with its content too.

Rizzo's videos aren't anything out of the ordinary, but he gets a ton of views for a reason. High-level gameplay mixed with entertaining commentary (usually in communications with former pro Sizz) is the formula for success. Stick around for an entire video and they'll usually end up going late in a game. You hate (love) seeing it.


Yukeo is another pro who is one of the best in the world and he plays for Dignitas in Europe. In my opinion, he is one of the underrated YouTubers because there is a lot to learn from him.

Yukeo usually uploads simple gameplay videos in which he explains all the decisions he makes. It's these types of videos that are invaluable to people trying to better understand the basics of Rocket League. Check it out if you want to take Rocket League a little more seriously. Yukeo is also one of the only pros to play keyboard and mouse, and it still amazes me that people are capable of that.


Speaking of mind blowing, that's what Squishy does every time he hits the field. Known as one of the most mechanically gifted pros, Squishy regularly makes seemingly impossible looks easy. He is endlessly entertaining by simple appreciation of his skills.

Apologies to Musty, Mertzy, Jessie, Fluump and JZR. There are so many great content creators and so little (functionally unlimited) internet space!

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