LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Was Going To Hit Now, But It's Been Delayed In The Spring

LEGO games are a simple pleasure and I could really go there sooner rather than later

Well, shoot – another delay. And not necessarily a game I was expecting again.

TT Games planned to conclude LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga by spring 2022, but as of today, the self-proclaimed "biggest and best LEGO game" won't make that release window.

The developers noted on Twitter that they "just needed more time" - but stopped short of sharing a revised target. We will know more about the "updated launch schedule as soon as possible".

Thank you to all our fans for your patience.

– TT Games (@TTGames) 2 avril 2022

From everything TT Games has said about The Skywalker Saga (including the fact that there are several hundred playable minifigs and that means they're going to have to get a little weird with the character choices) , this looks like a real culmination. Hopefully with more time, that's all we wanted.

If you haven't followed the game much (or just forgot...I kind of did!), you'll be able to pick up the story and play at any point in the timeline of all nine movies. I'm sure I'll do all the completionist-obsessed stuff anyway – it's a LEGO game, after all – but I appreciate having that choice.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga might not top our most wanted list for 2022, but you know what? The time away from LEGO games, the Star Wars franchise as a whole, and even simple online talk has done wonders for my interest. TT Games haven't had much to show off The Skywalker Saga lately - maybe I should have seen this delay coming? – but just flipping through the screens right now, yeah sure, I want to trip AT-ATs over Hoth for the hundredth time or more. Let's go.

I'm half tempted to dismantle Rogue Squadron II tonight. It's in writing now, so I can't go back.

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