How to write the date in the United States?

And in good of the country, you write the data in “dd/mm/yyyy” format. Problem: Americans write it “mm-dd-yyyy”.

So Why 51 American Flag Stars? The 50 stars collectively represent the member states of the Union, and the thirteen stripes collectively represent the Thirteen Breakaway British Colonies that created the American state. There are therefore as many stars as federated states and the number of stars has changed over time.

How to read an American date? The format American The most used abbreviation is this one: mm/dd/yyyy.

  1. month/day/year is month, day, year – month comes first.
  2. Example: 12/31/17 for December 31, 2022.

moreover, How to introduce a date in German?

Date - Classes

  1. example : He was born on March 4, 1957. ...
  2. Monday March 4, 1957 or Monday March 1957, XNUMX. …
  3. example : Waiblingen, the 4th ...
  4. Note: There is a comma between the name of the day (or place) and the data , and a period after the ordinal number.
  5. Mercredi, 1er juillet 1999 -> Wednesday the first of July 1999.
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How do you write the date in the country?

In general, in a data, only the monthécrit fully spelled out. In sustained style texts, where the numbers appear in full, we écrit still in numbers the date of the month (the number in front of the month) and the year: August 24, 2022.

What is the 51st state in the United States? On November 6, 2022 (at the same time as the US presidential election, in which they cannot participate), the citizens of Puerto Rico adopted by referendum at 61% the possibility of becoming the 51st state.

Why 50 Stars and 52 States? "Stars and Stripes"

The étoiles are in number 50, one for each Condition : federated Reports of-United. This means that the American flag has been regularly modified: its first version in 1777, one year after American independence, represented 13 étoiles in a circle.

WHAT IS THE 52 STATES OF THE UNITED STATES? Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New…

How to write dates in American English?


En English British, we follow the model of the country: day, month, year. 12/02/2022. Always on February 12, 2022. In american english the order changes: month, day, year: 02/12/2022: It is February 12, 2022.

When to put th date in English? –th for the following, including 11th (the eleventh), 12th (the twelfth), 13th (the thirteenth)… Note: to read the year orally… 2003, 1997… These dates do not use the ordinary number system.

How to give your date of birth in English?

English US:

“I was born on April 10, 2001” (prononcé “I was born on April tenth two thousand and one.” “My birthday is on April 10” (prononcé “My birthday is on April tenth”)

How to write the date in German? We now come to the writing of the data proper: Day, (den + ordinal accusative adjective) + Month + Year. ex: Sonntag , den dritten Februar 2022 . who can alsoto write more simply abbreviated: Sonntag, den 3. Februar 2022.

How to know how to write where this?

This or se ?

  1. It's either a contraction of that or a demonstrative adjective ADJECTIVES DEMONSTRATIVES. this painting. That would be great.
  2. Se is a reflexive pronoun REFLECTED PRONOUNS. She se shower. They se kiss.
  3. Combined. • In front of all the words except the verbs, it is this: what you do. this evening.

How to say your date of birth in German?

To indicate its birth date, we will use the preposition am to give the data exact, im to indicate the month and no preposition for the year. The formula is geboren sein (to be born). ich bin am 30. märz 1992 geboren.

How do you write the date in a letter? The data is one of the essential elements of letter; it must always be indicated. It is generally placed in the upper right corner, a few spaces below the header. It must be written in full, without abbreviation, and is not followed by a full stop.

How to write the date in 2022? “As a notary, I always recommendwrite the date complete in numbers and also in letters in parentheses ”. So write instead " 2022 (two thousand twenty) ".

How to write the date of birth?

You must therefore indicate your birth date following the required format: yyyy-mm-dd. To enter your birth date, you must therefore indicate: 1989-01-19Make no mistake!

What is the last state to join the United States? After avoir summer of the territories of États-United for several decades, Alaska and Hawaii obtained the status ofCondition : Good in 1959, on January 3 and August 21, respectively.

What is the number of states in the United States?

This country is a federal republic made up of fifty États federated to which are added the District of Columbia - including the capital Washington - and several territories.

What are the different states of the USA? The États US

  1. Alabama. Alaska. Arizona. Arkansas. California. North Carolina. Caroline from the south. Colorado. Connecticut. North Dakota. ...
  2. Iowa. Indiana. Kansas. Kentucky. Louisiana. Maine. Maryland. Massachusetts. Michigan. Minnesota. ...
  3. New York. New Mexico. Ohio. Oklahoma. Oregon. Pennsylvania. Rhode Island. Tennessee. Texas. Utah.

Why the red white blue flag?

The three colors blue, white, red are the dominant colors of most of the flags of the National Guard of Paris in 1789. In the texts of 1789, white is not designated as the color of the king but as the color of our country or the kingdom.

Why 48 stars on the American flag? This drapeau is the property of Robert Bertin. … When the camp was liberated in 1945, the Americans in tribute to his courage, give him one of their flags. " It's a drapeau very rare, one of the only D-Day landings with 48 stars.

What is the name of the American flag?

It is also nicknamed the “stars and stripes” which can be translated as “stars and stripes”. the American flag officially came into being on June 14, 1777, the date it was passed by Congress. He is composed of 13 horizontal alternating red and white bands of equal width.

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