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How to get Amazon Music Unlimited in HiFi quality for the minimum possible

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The high fidelity music streaming revolution is here for everyone and with Amazon Music HD you can listen to music in high quality for the minimum price.

This month we've seen the explosion of streaming music services finally become hi-fi or high definition music. To compete with Tida, services like Apple Music, Amazon Music and in the future Spotify will offer the possibility of listening to music in better quality without having to pay more.

Now there are 3 platforms that provide better quality music, but that's Amazon Music who has now become the cheapest platform for only 8 euros per month. How to get it? Keep reading.

Amazon already has a high-quality streaming music service, a way to deal with Tidal or Spotify. Now you can try it totally free.

Until now, Amazon Music, like the rest of the music platforms, offered music with a quality of 320 kbps. It's good enough to listen with headphones, even if they're cheap. In addition, the price is 9,99 euros per month or 99 euros per year if you are an Amazon Prime customer.

With the arrival of high-quality music, two additional qualities will be offered: HD et Ultra HD.

Music in HD quality will have CD-like quality with youna average of 850 kbps with 16-bit sound. Instead, Ultra HD quality becomes a bit rate of 3730 kbps and 24-bit audio.

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Pay attention to the weight of the songs

Playing music in high fidelity requires more bandwidth because the files contain more information.

If the average size of a song in standard quality is around 8MB to 9MB, a song in HD quality is around 51MB. but a song in Ultra HD it can weigh around 150 MB. Therefore, you should take into account that streaming HD music consumes more data, which is important if you are doing it using a mobile data network.

What devices are compatible with Amazon Music HD?

In theory, all modern devices can play HD music from Amazon. Android phones, iPhones and iPads are supported. The same goes for Amazon Echo products and laptops running Windows and macOS.

All of these devices can play music in HD, although it will depend on the quality of your headphones to recognize the differences.

The case is different with Ultra HD music. In most cases, Ultra HD sound quality requires a DAC, a product that converts the signal for your headphones.

How to get Amazon Music HD for 3 euros per month

Officially Amazon Music HD costs 9,99 euros per month for everyone. This standard account accepts a single user and access to the entire music library. You can try it for free for 3 months.

For families, the price rises to 14,99 euros per month with a 30 days free trial. But this account allows you to add 6 people to your family without paying extra.

Another possible option to choose is one that can only stream music to your Echo speakers. It costs 3,99 euros per month with a free trial month.

But to get Amazon Music HD as cheaply as possible, the trick is to sign up for Prime for free and get access to the exclusive 99-euro annual fee offer. That is to say, 8,25 euros per month. For this you have to count 3 months free for all new Amazon Music users.

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