Guardians of the Galaxy: Everything That Changes | Guide to the best dialogue choices

Guardians of the Galaxy isn't the type of game that really encourages multiplay - and yet there are tons of little details that can change based on your choices. It's not really a choice-based game, but the developers have opted for a Telltale-lite method of storytelling, giving you multiple choices when navigating through conversations. There's a lot of conversation, and depending on how things go, you may walk away with special rewards or unique stages in future levels. Some choices can change entire puzzles or take you to a completely unique level. It doesn't happen often, which is what makes these features so strange.

To help you understand all the weird choices that really matter, we've broken down the most important ones below. Guardians of the Galaxy's story is the same no matter which you choose, but you can go through it in different ways. You can bring in more reinforcements for the final mission based on your conversations! You can even earn special keys to access collectibles that would otherwise be inaccessible. A particular choice will change your ending. There's a lot to reveal, so let's bring these weird little secrets out into the open.

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NOVA Corps Ship Search | Hide Creature vs. Hide Technology

Very early in the game, at the end of Chapter 1, NOVA Corps will raid your ship and you will have very little time to make a decision: hide the creature you found or hide the illegal technology.

  • Hide Technology: You will get a special weapon upgrade for your ship during flight sequences. You will also receive a fine of 8000 units.
  • hide the creature: Hiding the creature apparently has no benefit, other than reducing your fine to 7000 units. But, you can later escape from Peter Quill's chamber when you're trapped - the creature will dig a hole in the ship, allowing you to crawl through!
  • Hide nothing: The fine increases to 9000 units.

Defending Nikki | Personal device

Dance Chapter 2 you will find Nikki's mother in an elevator. You can choose to support it or not. If you make the right choices, you will win a Personal security device from Nikki which will allow you to unlock certain doors and access collectibles not otherwise obtainable in a later chapter.

  • To succeed the Nikki / Korel chat, select options that support Nikki.

Selling Groot vs Selling Rocket

Dance Chapter 4, you will go to Lady Hellbender's stronghold and attempt to sell her a creature. Depending on who you choose, the level will be completely different. The Chapter is totally different, with different encounters and a totally different objective.

  • Vendre Groot: Lady Hellbender is happy to buy Groot. For selling Groot, you can get up to 12 units. Let Drax do all the negotiating during the scene.
  • Sell ​​a rocket: Lady Hellbender is not interested in Rocket. She refuses to buy it, which leads to a shootout. You'll need to infiltrate Lady Hellbender's Vault, where you can steal up to 12 units if you take it all.

Alert Nova Corps or remain silent

On the Nova Corps space station, you will eventually find a Nova Corp helmet. You can choose to drop it off ou Talk into the headset. Speaking into the headset alerts the Nova Corp patrol. The scenes in this chapter will play out slightly differently.

Dating without lips on Knowhere

On Knowhere, at the start of the stage, you can find Groot and Rocket hanging out at a red-tinted bar. Talking to them will trigger a scene with a gunman named Lipless. This monster wants to sing, and if you play with it, you can win a billet Collector's Emporium gratuit.

  • How to convince Lipless: Agree to sing a song with Lipless and select lyrics related to storms. Ignore lyrics related to love!

The handicapped Nova Corps

In the Knowhere market, you can find a seller who sells a Disabling Nova Corp for 1500 units. It is located to the left of the Collector's Emporium entrance. This thing is totally useless. Nothing changes if you buy it. The only difference is that Rocket will laugh when he finally sees it.

Distracting raker on the church ship

On the Sacrosanct, you will meet Grand Unifier Raker and Rocket will ask you to distract him. If you distract him, Rocket can successfully hack the drone, making future sections of the mission easier.

  • Select the following choices to distract Raker:
    • Fake interest, something about her, fake heart attack

Let Gamora go after Raker and Nikki

This choice does not entail major consequences, but entails a great change. Later on the Sacrosanct, before the end, Gamora will flee and chase after Raker. You can fight the enemies on the right or chase Gamora up the ramp on the left.

  • Follow Gamora: If you follow Gamora, you will prevent her from chasing Raker. She will join your team.
  • Let Gamora go: If you let Gamora go, she will briefly leave your team. Later, she will appear with Raker's severed arm. His arm will be out for the rest of the game.

Pay your fine

On the chapter where you will meet the Worldmind, you can refund your fine using the Nova Corps menu. Apparently nothing changes if you pay the fine, but there is one major difference.

  • If you don't pay the fine: At the very end of the game, at the mid-credits sequence, your ship's Neutralizer will finally activate, leaving the Guardians stranded.
  • If you pay your fine: In the same scene, the crew takes off towards sunset without their ship being put out of harm's way.

Reinforcements | Get help vs. Sacrosanct

Dance Chapter 14, you can change missions by getting help from Cosmos and Worldmind. There are two tricky sequences where you'll face large groups of enemies with overwhelming odds - if you get reinforcements, they'll help you take out the enemies and make your mission much easier. To do this, you need to select the right dialogue choices when you encounter them earlier in the game.

  • Worldmind: To convince the Worldmind to possibly help you, you must select the following choices.
    • Sharing Intel, calling on duty, putting into perspective
  • Cosmos: To release Cosmo from the Promise, select the following choices. Once freed, he will come to your aid in the final battle.
    • Offer the hand, focus on the present, remind the puppies

If you make these choices, Cosmo and the Worldmind will appear to help you in the final chapter. They will also appear for a final conversation in Chapter 15 during the strut sequence. You will have one last conversation with the two characters before the true ending.

And it's all major chances that happen through dialogue choices. After a game, there are still a few choices that I didn't know would have future repercussions – or totally change some sequences. If there's anything we missed, let us know!

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