Fallout: Miami's Fall Update Showcases Team Progress

There are all kinds of great fan games in development or readily available to gamers right now. These hobby projects are often highly sought after because they give a game a new look or provide a fun experience until the next major game is released. Of course, some of these fan games never see the light of day because studios responsible for intellectual property can sometimes send out legal takedown notices forcing these games to be killed or reused in a new IP address that acts as a spiritual successor. .

As mentioned, over the years we've seen fans release some truly remarkable video games, as well as other ambitious projects like the fan-made sequel Dark Souls, or an expansion for Fallout 4. The latter is called Fallout : Miami and the development team behind just released a new update video showcasing the progress they've made over the past few months.

It seems the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak hasn't stopped the studio from continuing. Instead, we're taking a look at some of the latest concept art from the upcoming project. Additionally, the main campaign has been confirmed to be complete, with the team now working on writing and implementing the quest. In the video below you will have a little more information on the artistic point of view of the team. With Miami divided into different neighborhoods, you can expect a unique atmosphere and characters.

With this game still in development for the PC version of Fallout 4, the team has not revealed when the game mod will be available for players to download. In fact, the team is always looking for more staff to help out on the project which includes various designers and animators.

Source: YouTube

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