Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot - How To Unlock Instant Infinite Super Saiyan Transformations

Transformation is common in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot - you'll unlock Super Saiyan forms as you progress through the game, but you'll need to spend Ki to do so. However, with the right training, you can actually automatically transform into one of Goku's many powerful forms at no cost. This is another feature that's super easy to overlook, but you'll absolutely need it if you want to complete the game's latest challenges.

And it's all about the Capsule Corporation. They are the best when it comes to creating high-tech solutions, and Dr. Briefs has an amazing feature in the Cell Saga. You'll have to grind a bit, but the upgrade allows Goku to enter Kaioken without depleting his HP, and later achieve Super Saiyan 1. Even non-Saiyan characters can transform at no additional cost.

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How to Unlock Instant and Infinite Super Saiyan Transformations

To access the automatic transformations, you must first unlock the training room. The Training Room function appears around the Imperfect Cell Saga. It becomes available when Vegeta trains to become a Super Saiyan like Goku.

Once you unlock a special training room in the Capsule Corps building in West City. Edit training room à 10 level and complete it to unlock a Special know-how it gives you self-transformation abilities. Don't forget to equip the know-how to access this special bonus!

With Auto Transformation Skill, you can level up Kaioken/Super Saiyan without using Ki or draining your HP. You can still move up/down forms, and it works for all Saiyan characters. Even Piccolo and other non-Saiyans can achieve their enhanced forms.

If you keep leveling up this skill, you will unlock higher transformation levels! So you will eventually reach level 2, 3, etc. But it's only really available as a post-game activity. You'll need to be around level 90+ to complete Training Level 10. It's a neat ability, and something you can use extensively when trying to take down the hyper-difficult nasty enemies floating around in the end world. Game.

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