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The “Ancient Gods” DLC for Doom Eternal isn't just about more levels. You'll also encounter all-new demonic enemies with their own unique powers and weaknesses. Some of these guys are a real pain - spirits are easily the deadliest new addition to the entire bestiary. Now that the DLC is complete, let's add to our existing bestiary and talk about each of these guys.

The new demons range from ambient, to forage, to heavy – they all put a twist on your regular combat encounters and force you to use weapons and mods you might otherwise overlook. Armored Barons add another annoying counter-mechanic to your life. Riot troopers go crazy with miniguns and invulnerable shields. Blood Maykrs are powerful substitutes for their puny counterparts. Most of these types are weird variants, and some have totally unique weaknesses. We run through them all and break down what you need to know below.

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Mind: The most diabolical enemy of the two DLC episodes. The Spirit is a transparent ghostly demon that inhabits any other demon, enhancing their abilities. A possessed demon is faster, stronger, and more resilient. These are the worst threats you will face in the game.

  • Weakness: The only way to kill these things is to destroy the host, then immediately use the Microwave Beam Mod for the plasma rifle. It's the only way to hurt them. Always immediately use your Plasma Rifle to remove these items when revealed!

Turret: A simple ambient monster. These turrets are like the tentacles – except they are long range. They'll pop up to shoot you, then hide when your crosshairs point them out.

  • Weakness: To kill them quickly, use the precision bolt mod to have the heavy cannon target and destroy them quickly.

Blood Maykr: A special invulnerable Maykr. Similar to other ambient enemies, but with deadly attacks. When it flies through the sky and prepares to strike, it will become vulnerable.

  • Weakness: Just like regular Maykr drones, use the Precision Bolt mod to kill them instantly with a headshot.

Whiplash Spectrum: Invisible Whiplash.

  • Weakness: You cannot target them with the Lock-On Burst mod, so you will have to deal damage with the Mobile Minigun Turret and drop dual grenades.

Zombie Screecher: Purple zombie that temporarily buffs all nearby monsters when killed.

  • Weakness: A glory hit will prevent this monster from improving. Otherwise, when they're around, use precision weapons and dodge the splashes. You really don't want to discourage these guys.

Baron in armor: Shoot his armor with the Plasma Rifle to destroy him, or shoot the mace when it flashes green with any weapon to destroy his armor instantly. Armor regenerates over time.

  • Weakness: The toughest enemy in the new DLC. The Armored Baron can be incredibly annoying - you have to move to long range before attempting to attack you with his glowing mace hand. Wait for him to charge up, then step back and use the Precision Bolt to shatter his armor. save your Sentinel Hammer or Ice Grenade to stun. Then use the mortal Ballista / Super Shotgun quickswap.

stone imp: A very tough cannon fodder imp that is weak to Combat Shotgun Full Auto Mod or Sentinel Hammer. Kills with the Full Auto Mod will grant bonus shotgun ammo.

  • Weakness: As the description says, your best bet is the Full Auto mod for the shotgun. Killing them will refill your shotgun ammo, so it's always worth it.

Cursed Stalker: Green rangers that give you the curse effect. The curse makes you unable to dash, does damage over time, and disables lockable weapons. While cursed, using Blood Punch on a Cursed Prowler will instantly kill it and remove the effect.

  • Weakness: One of the most annoying enemies in the game. Try to kill these guys before they can curse you - but they're bound to catch you before you even know they're there. Switch to the Minigun or Ballista to deal long range damage and double jump to their location. If you're close, use Blood Punch for an instakill.

Riot Trooper: Special minions with indestructible shields. The only way to hurt them is to shoot behind the shields.

  • Weakness: Rocket launcher with the Detonate remotely the mod is very effective. Pomegranates are very good too! If you are close, they will attempt a melee attack. This is the perfect time to hit them with the Super Shotgun.

Demonic Soldier: Armored humanoid soldiers of Immora who serve directly under the Dark Lord.

  • Weakness: Any! These guys are a joke. A hit with any weapon kills them and drops ammo.

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