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The final boss in the 'Warlords of New York' expansion is an exercise in pure frustration - especially if you're a solo player. The encounter pulls out all the stops, and if you're looking to survive, you might want to use some of the tips I've come up with.

Aaron Keener is the rogue agent adversary you (sort of) hunted down in the Premier Division. Now he's got four warlords to take over New York, and he's got a plan to launch a missile full of chemical weapons into the city. Why? He's just a really bad guy. He's also a super-genius, and his hacking skills make this one of the most annoying fights in the series. Gird up your loins, because we are going to take down Aaron Keener.

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The final battle against Aaron Keener has two phases – the first phase where you have to disable the missile launch, and the second phase against Aaron Keener himself. You will get a checkpoint between these two phases.

The 1 phase: The easiest phase of this fight pits you against an endless stream of drones and skills. Skills are cast from squares around the map, and you can see what is about to be cast (and where) by looking for the red circles and outlines.

Start from the left and draw a semi-circle around the base of the statue. There are three generators that you need to charge to reveal three weak points - the first is on the left, the second in the far center, and the last on the right. A panel will lift up to reveal each weak point.

I recommend equipping an assault drone and dropping at the first generator. It will automatically destroy enemy skills while you remove weak points – destroy hacked skills as soon as possible, then destroy the weak point as soon as it appears. Then rush to the next generator.

If you're quick, you'll charge all three generators and reveal the final weak point - the final weak point is hard to see, so you'll need to go back to (approximately) the first generator and aim for the box. The lighting makes it hard to spot, so aim just under the open metal flap.

The hardest part of this section is the end. Use a shield or healing drone to stay alive as you maneuver through the gauntlet of turrets and skills. Once you know where to shoot, the end goal is simple.

Phase 2: Aaron Keener himself is much more difficult. You have a moment before the fight starts – use it to restock ammo and swap skills. I recommend using the Healing chemistry launcher and Pity. Aaron Keener will automatically hack your drones - so any auto skills like drones or turrets will backfire. Healer Drones will heal Keener instead.

After swapping skills/grabbing ammo, dash to the statue platform and use this raised area to fight Keener. I recommend equipping a Shotgun or Auto Shotgun and a long range weapon like an Assault Rifle or LMG. Use the shotgun to blast Keener when he attempts to charge onto the raised platform. Do enough damage and he'll come down.

During this fight, Keener will deploy an overwhelming amount of skill. Keep your head up - don't even cover up on the ledges, get an inch closer so you can take Keener down. His most annoying weapons are the Artillery Turrets and the Chem Chem Foam Launcher. Destroy the artillery if you can, and stay away from the edges - it's a perfect shot with the chem launcher.

  • NOTE: If you get hit by the Chem Launcher, hold down the escape button instead of mashing it to escape faster. In fact, enabling the escape timer is buggy, so you might have to press again.

Keener will constantly heal himself when he takes too much damage – this fight may feel like a race, but it's actually a test of endurance. You just need to stay alive and do damage to Keener long enough until you exhaust all of his armor repair kits. Stay high and keep blasting him, dodging his skills, and carrying him - any shotgun will rip him apart when he tries to get on your high platform.

If you need ammo or feel overwhelmed, you can retreat to the small room at the foot of the statue. There is an armor/resupply box you can use if you haven't opened it at the start of the fight. It's also a great hiding place to use your own armor repair kit.

Once you've done enough damage, Keener permanently disable your skills. This is where the combat gets really boring. Stay high on the platform and save special weapon grenades/ammo. Eventually, you'll force Keener to use four armor kits - that's when he's vulnerable.

When Keener (seems to) finally take damage and can't heal, and doesn't become immune when he retreats, then it's time to use some special grenades and ammo. Throw grenades to injure or shelter him, blast him, then switch to your special weapon to finish him off. Destroying the drones and other skills he sends you will drop special armor/grenades/ammo when you're low, so hide in the inner room and pick them up to reload.

Alternatively, you can always call for backup. This fight is really tough solo, so if you're struggling desperately, it's time to get some help from a friendly face. I managed to beat it solo, but I fully understand that I'm sick of it and just want to end it. An extra player can revive you when you're downed, making this fight easier.

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